Kayo Hinazuki
Kanji 雛月 加代
Rōmaji Hinazuki Kayo
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Gender Female
Age 10-11 (Past)
Birthday March 2, 1977
Occupation Student
Family Akemi Hinazuki (Mother)
Hiromi Sugita (Husband)
Mirai Sugita (Son)
Status Deceased (Original Timeline)
Alive (Present)
Voice Actors
Japanese Aoi Yuuki
English Stephanie Sheh
Actor(s) Rio Suzuki
First Appearance
Manga 01. Flashback: May 2006
Anime Episode 01

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Kayo Hinazuki (雛月 加代 Hinazuki Kayo) is one of Satoru's primary school classmates, and one of the original victims of the serial kidnapping case in 1988.


As a child, Kayo had short brown hair with brown eyes. She often wore a yellow scarf and a faded dark red coat and a mini skirt along with blue socks and brown boots. She also wears pink mittens occasionally.


To be added.


  • Her child is named Mirai meaning "The Future."


  • To be added.


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