Hiromi Sugita



Kanji 雛月母
Rōmaji Sugita Hiromi
Hair color Black
Eye color Dark Blue
Gender Male
Occupation Student (Past)
Doctor (Present)
Family Kayo Hinazuki (Wife)
Mirai Sugita (Son)
Akemi Hinazuki (Mother-in-law)
Status Deceased (Original Timeline)
Alive (Present)
Voice Actors
Japanese Akari Kitō

Hiromi Sugita (杉田 広美 Sugita Hiromi) is one of Satoru's primary school classmates and close friends. He is one of the original victims of the serial kidnapping case.


Hiromi, in a sense, has the appearance of a girl. He has a feminine face and his medium-length black hair with bangs make him look like a girl. He is seen often wearing a green wool coat and (difficult-color please insert color) pants with yellow mittens. As an adult, he has more masculine features. His hair is short and he has slightly husky and is seen wearing a collared blue shirt with a red striped tie.


Hiromi is a quite, sweet and caring boy.



"So gutsy!"


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