Kanji 浜田
Rōmaji Hamada
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Gender Male
Occupation Student
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Asami Yoshida
First Appearance
Manga 09. The Beginning of the String of Failures: February 1988
Anime Episode 03

Fujinuma, I hate guys like you the most!

Hamada (浜田 Hamada) is one of Satoru's classmates in 1988.


Hamada is a young boy with brown hair, which reaches not further than to his ears. He wears short bangs while the rest of his hair is almost always hidden under a blue winter cap with thin white and wider yellow stripes. His pupils are thin and brown. He is mainly seen wearing a blue jacket with a white and sky blue pattern in the chest area, light grey pants, yellow gloves and black and grey sneakers. Under his jacket he wears a grey shirt.
In the Manga, the center of his cap features a fictional brand name. Hamada's pants appear a lot darker than the Anime's light grey version. He wears a simple coat instead of a jacket.


Hamada is a sport enthusiast known to be a regular of Mikoto Primary School's nationals-winning ice hockey team[1]. He practices every day and is known to be incredibly good on ice skates. Besides his athletic side not much is known about Hamada's personality. He seems to have a short temper when it comes to people who can compete with him. He also seems popular with the girls in his class whose attention he mostly doesn't approve of.


During the first Revival, Hamada once again turns out to be Satoru's race partner in ice skating during sports class. Not remembering the original outcome, Satoru attempts to beat Hamada, but while racing decides it would be wiser to let his opponent win, taking his daily training into account. Hamada wins by a few inches and gets irritated over Satoru's behavior, picking him up and telling him he hates him. He then stomps away, yelling at his groupies.[2]
Weeks later he participates in another school hockey game which his classmates attend to support him. He's briefly seen yelling at his female fans who are too loud for his taste.[3]



  • "Good luck. I'm not gonna go easy on you." (Hamada to Satoru before their race)