Akemi Hinazuki



Kanji 雛月母
Rōmaji Hinazuki Akemi
Hair color Light Brown
Eye color Brown
Gender Female
Occupation Unknown
Family Kazuo Takashima (Ex-Husband)
Kayo Hinazuki (Daughter)
Hiromi Sugita (Son in Law)
Mirai Sugita (Grandson)
Status Alive
Voice Actors
Japanese Akemi Okamura
First Appearance
Manga 09. The Beginning of the String of Failures: February 1988
Anime Episode 03

You need that face healed until Monday. Otherwise, your mother will be blamed!

Akemi Hinazuki (雛月母 Hinazuki Akemi) is Kayo's mother and a neighbor of Satoru back in 1988.


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Akemi is known to be an abusive and abasing mother. While she uses her daughter to cope with her aggressive behavior, caused by her own traumatic experiences, she seems to feel indifferent about most people unless they get into her ways of abuse. In her free time she likes to drink and smoke together with her current boyfriend, who also abuses Kayo for his amusement. She's a shameless liar who will avoid any contact with child services or others questioning her relationship to her daughter, faking the possible concern for Kayo's well being. While now in this emotional state, it's hinted by her mother's story about the past that she used to be a more caring mother.


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Satoru: "How did Hinazuki get hurt like this?"
Akemi: "Answer him, Kayo."
Kayo: "I fell." - (Conversation after finding the abused Kayo in the shed)[1]


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